The DATABASE of gravitational strain cycles establishing equilibrium in earthbound laboratory frames
and in frames traveling in low earth orbit aboard the International Space Station will be posted here in October.

A video summary of the physics outlining the possible link between metabolic energy cycles in the cell
and gravitational strain cycles associated with the earth's orbital motion is provided below:
[The Copernican Project: Part I]

<Links to the scientific articles discussed in the above video will be posted here in early summer>


conjecture regarding gravitational strain forces acting on the cell

The patterns illustrated below are observed in many biological organisms. They also happen to be expressed in the
mathematics of the gravitational and centrifugal forces acting on earthbound fluids.
We treat these as coincidental for now and seek any comments directing us to experiments that
might provide supporting or refuting evidence of a causal relationship.

(Presented at the Biophysics Conference on Biological Oscillators in Heidelberg, 2018.)